Not Newcastle

Blackpool centre  Saturday 27th May, 2000

This Saturday I was called upon to drive a Blackpool express coach, so no snaps of Newcastle this week, but instead some views of the "Famous seaside place called Blackpool, that's noted for fresh air and fun." I looked around for 35 minutes and this is what I saw.

Well, here's the tower, a tram, and some fresh air. You've got it all.

Below is a view of the Central Pier with its Waggon Wheel ride and theatre at the end. Thrills and laughs galore!

The smell of candy floss and chips pervades the Golden Mile. Here are a couple of typical offerings. This weekend was very busy, our express service had four duplicate buses on. Here the narrow footpath throngs with expectant youth.

The Rigby Road headquarters of the local transport operator. It still glories in its former name of "Corporation Tramways". It sports some preserved buses from other places in the country, and I spotted at least one from Newcastle. I shall return here later for a weekend of thrills and spills and have a closer look.

Lonsdale Road Bus Station, recently rebuilt, is the first glimpse of the town that many people get. What a pity that the opportunity could not have been taken to make a brighter, more welcoming place. Instead it is bleak, windswept, and lacks amenities.

A final look at the promenade and the famous tower. A horse drawn carriage can be hired for a stately jaunt.

And so, we bid a fond farewell to the fun capital of the North west, as the laughing policeman of destiny switches off the slot machine of hedonism.

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